Julian Breitenecker

born 11.12.1974, Vienna



Countryside: Gymnasiumstr. 79, 1190 Vienna

City: Liechtensteinstr. 25, 1090 Vienna


Mobil: +43676845009555


"In a startup, absolutely nothing happens unless you make it happen."

© 2012 by Julian Breitenecker

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neugierig - unkonventionell - irgendwie anders

Julian Breitenecker



The One Man Group is the organization behind my person with whom I invest in projects, providing and advising. "One Man Group" implies that beside me, a team of specialists is available who can be used in a project-specific manner.

Business Angel:

"I am investing small amounts and my experiences"


Startup Addict:

"I create and develop my own ideas - with passion"


"I like to help other entrepreneurs with creative approaches"

Professional career

Here you will find some of my professional jobs since the end of my time at school and university

  • Cofounder at „SchoolFox (Fox Education Services GmbH)“ (App to make school communication more convenient) - since 05/2015

  • Business Angel at „TaskWunder GmbH“ (Onlineservice for virtual assistants) - 02/2015-09/2016 (1Y 8M)

  • Business Angel at „VonDenSocken Handels GmbH“ (Online shop for socks and underwear) - 12/2013-today (3Y 8M)

  • CEO of „Ana Avenue online services GmbH“ (Online shopping city for women) - 04/2013-07/2015 (2Y 4M)

  • CEO & Founder of „Locca lost&found services GmbH“ (GPS tracker to safe what you love) - 12/2012-today (5Y 0M)

  • Founder of „Media4Equity Invest“ (Investmentfund for media investments in B2C startups) - 09/2012-12/2014 (2Y 4M)

  • CEO/Founder of „Brand Circus“ (innovative branding & ambient media agency) - 03/2011-07/2015 (4Y4M)

  • Shareholder at „MJAM online food delivery“ (Exit with multiple of 6,2) - 04/2010-06/2014 (4Y 2M)

  • Cofounder of „SchoolMagazine“ (webbased layout software for school magazines) - 10/2008-11/2010 (2Y 1M)

  • Founder of „Club of Ambient Media Providers“ (club to support alternative media) - 11/2008-11/2010 (2Y 0M) 

  • CEO of „Young Skip Media GmbH“ (Youth lifestyle magazine; Joint Venture with STYRIA) - 09/2006-01/2013 (6Y 5M)

  • Cofounder of „GBB Freizeitanlagen GmbH“ („BOGI PARK“ Indoor playgrounds) - 10/2005-12/2009 (4Y 2M)

  • Founder of „Sunny.at" (online planning tool for family leisure activities) - 11/2007-07/2015 (7Y 8M)

  • CEO & founder of „Lernfreunde OEG“ (privat tutoring agency directly in public schools) - 09/2006-11/2007 (1Y 2M)

  • CEO & founder of „2night TV Media GmbH“ (TV lifestyle magazine; Joint Venture with PALMERS) - 10/2000-06/2006 (5Y 8M)

  • CEO & founder of "Hi!School Party" (Clubbing event series for pupils) - 05/2000-06/2005 (5Y 1M)

  • CEO & founder of "Chalk" (Youth magazine; later called SKIP c.l.a.s.s.) - 04/2000-07/2006 (6Y 3M)

  • CEO & founder of „Schulwerbung Plus GmbH“ (school advertising; Joint Venture with GEWISTA) - 01/2000-11/2001 (1Y 11M)

  • Founder of „SchoolBiz.com“ (social network for youngsters; Joint Venture with MOBILKOM) - 01/1999-11/2000 (1Y 10M)

  • CEO & Cofounder of „Young Enterprises Media GmbH“ (media agency for the young target group) - 08/1996-07/2015 (18Y 10M)

  • Founder of „Partyland“ (children´s event agency) - 04/1994-12/1996 (2Y 9M)


My main investment projects with active participation:

Smaller investment:

Brands and projects built up:


Consulting projects:

on hold

Core competencies:

  • Project development:

    • over 13 projects founded and successfully established

  • Marketing & PR

    • Consulted over 350 clients and in my own startups

  • Controlling, Finance

    • Fundraising (raised over 3m € venture capital), shareholder reportings (KPIs, etc.)

  • Strategic management

    • Digitization and change management projects in several companies

  • Business Development

    • Experiences in deal making, cooperations, networking, lobbying

  • Personnel management

    • up to 50 employees, 30  in average

  • Sales management

    • Strategic sales development, pricing, support of over 350 clients

  • Sales

    • Consulting of the greatest coporates and media agencies, with a revenue of 5m € per year


Some pics ...

Awards, lectures, publications


  • Walter Nettig Award: „Innovativster Jungunternehmer des Jahres“

  • GEWINN-Entrepreneur of the year 1999  (Place 36 of 2.000)


  • Zahlreiche Publikationen in Werbefachzeitschriften

  • Vorträge in der Schweiz, Deutschland, Holland und Österreich zum Thema Jugendkommunikation

  • Vortrag beim Jugendmarketing-Seminar in Wien zum Thema „Werbung in Schulen, Jugendkommunikation“

  • Vortrag bei den Mediengesprächen (Forum Alpbach 2001) zum Thema „E-Learning“

  • Vortrag beim Forum Media Planung (FMP) zum Thema „Digital Out Of Home“

  • Vortrag bei der Österreichischen Marketing Gesellschaft (ÖMG) zum Thema „Ambient Media“

  • Vortrag beim Ambient Media Day 2009 zum Thema „Entwicklung ambienter Werbeformen in Österreich“

  • Vortrag bei d. Jahresversammlung des FV Ambient Media in Düsseldorf/D zum Thema „Out Of Home in Österreich“

  • Vortrag bei den Medientagen + Moderation zum Thema



  • „Was kann Ambient Media – Welchen Stellenwert haben ambiente Werbeformen abseits der Klassik“

  • Zahlreiche Gast-Vorträge in der Werbeakademie (8 Vorträge seit 2000)

  • Jurymitglied bei der StartEurope Juni 2011

  • Jurymitglied bei der „StartUp Week 2011“, Okt 2011 und „StartUp Live 2012“, Juni 2012



  • Gewinner Startup-Festival Hy! Berlin 2013

  • Top 50 Pioneers Festival 2013

  • Top 9, Pirate Summit Köln 2013

  • Top 40, 2m2m Puls4 2013

  • TV-Show-TM Wissen, Servus TV 2013

  • 2. Platz, TechOpenAir Berlin 2013

  • 3. Platz, Trend@Venture 2013

  • Gewinner der Startup-Show „Höhle der Löwen“ auf VOX 2014

  • Gewinner CEE Lift Off,  Budapest 2015

  • Gewinner Techmatch Bratislava, 2015

  • GEWINN-Jungunternehmer des Jahres 2015  (Platz 13 von 1.000)

  • Diverse Vorträge in Köln, München, Berlin, Wien zum Thema „Internet of things“ und „M2M“